Dan Mateescu


Aerodynamics: Steady and unsteady flows past geometrical configurations with fixed or oscillating walls in subsonic, transonic and supersonic regimes.


Theoretical solutions and computational methods based on finite difference, finite volume, and hybrid-spectral formulations


  • Effect of ground proximity on the unsteady flows past oscillating airfoils and wings (related to a CRIAQ – CAE research contract)
  • Analysis of oscillating wing structures with piezoelectric sensor and actuator strips (related to a CRIAQ – Bombardier research contract)
  • Aerodynamics of lifting surfaces at very low Reynolds numbers for micro-aircraft and UAV (unmanned air vehicles) applications
  • Study of aerodynamic problems of unspecified geometry (adaptive, flexible and jet-flapped wings and aerodynamic shape design)
  • Effect of variable inflow velocity on the unsteady flows in confined configurations with oscillating walls (for various engineering applications)
  • Optimization of aerodynamic flows using synthetic jets