Eric L Adler

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Photo of Eric L Adler

Emeritus Professor (pre-2009) - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

McConnell Engineering Building, [Map]
3480 rue University Montreal Quebec Canada
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0E9
514-398-7175 [Office]
514-398-4470 [Fax]


PhD McGill University


Research interests

Microwave acoustics

Acousto-electric effects

Acoustic surface-wave devices for signal processing and communications

Numerical modelling of surface-wave devices

Research sub-areas

Solid state electronic materials and devices

Optoelectronic and acoustooptic devices

Microwave acoustics

High frequency surface acoustic wave devices for communications

Analytical and numerical methods

Laser applications

Piezoelectric thin film devices

Nondestructive evaluation of materials

High Tc superconductors