George Demopoulos

Graduate and Post-doctoral Research Positions

Applications are now being accepted for several openings in the areas of ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS

Our group has secured funding and is looking for graduate students (preferably at the PhD level)to work on the following projects:

1-Hydrothermal synthesis and electrochemical testing of nanostructured lithium metal silicates;

2-Preparation of mesoporous electrode films by screen-printing and electrophoretic deposition;

3-Reduced graphene oxide-nanocomposites for LIB electrodes;

Candidates with materials/process/chemical engineering and/or chemistry backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Relevant research experience and familiarization especially in terms of chemical reactors, aqueous chemistry, electrochemistry, FTIR and Raman spectroscopic characterization techniques would be an asset.

Interested applicants are advised to consult relevant papers published by my group to learn more about what the above projects may involve. More information may be obtained by contacting Professor Demopoulos.