Mahmoud Helmi Attia

Department of Mechanical Engineering


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Research interest

My research interest is focused on physics-based modelling and investigation of thermoelastic and dynamic phenomena for improved design and control of manufacturing and tribological systems. This research combines conceptual and theoretical development with numerical modelling and simulation, as well as experimental investigation and validation. Currently, my graduate students, Canadian and international collaborators and I are working on the following topics: Physics-based modelling of high speed machining HSM, multi-variable optimal numerical control of thermal deformation of machine tool structures, dry and minimum quantity lubrication machining, identification of materials constitutive laws and shear localization onset in HSM, thermal constriction phenomenon in multi-layer coated tool, effect of edge preparation on tool wear, characterization of the machinability of composites, laser assisted machining of nickel alloys, impact fretting wear and fretting fatigue in nuclear and aerospace components, modelling of friction-induced temperature rise in fretting considering the random distribution of contact asperities, thermometric design considerations in temperature measurement.


ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Best Paper Award, Manufacturing Engineering Division, November, 2003.

ASME Blackall Machine Tools and Gage Award (design and application of machine tools, gages or dimensional measuring instruments), 1989, for the development of the theory of nonlinear thermoelastic behaviour of structural joints and especially for extending scientific understanding and significantly improved design of machine tools.

Fellow, ASME, 1997, and recipient of a number of ASME Recognitions, 1988-1995.

Professional contributions

Served as Associate Editor of the ASME Transactions, Journal of Engineering for Industry, member of the Theme Advisory Committee of the Material and Manufacture Ontario, Chairman of the ASTM Task Group on Fretting Fatigue, principal organizer/editor of a number of ASME and ASTM symposia, member of a number of international scientific committees.