Jessica Ruglis

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Postdoctoral Fellowship Johns Hopkins University
PhD New York University


Teaching Areas and Interests

Former Co-Coordinator of Graduate Science Education at Lehman College (2006-2007), I have taught graduate education courses in Methods of Teaching Middle and High School Science, Methods of Educational Research, Teaching Science for Social Justice, Teaching Communication Skills in the Sciences, Teaching the Historical Development of Science, Masters Project Seminars, Curriculum Development, and has supervised fieldwork and internship experiences in classroom teaching. During my two years of postdoctoral work as a WK Kellogg Health Scholar at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, I co-instructed a graduate seminar on Community Based Participatory Research. I am also NYS permanently certified, former middle and high school science teacher, and conduct workshops and trainings on participatory action research with youth and in communities.

Research Interests

Taking an interdisciplinary and ecological approach to human development, I am interested in the ways in which social, education, health, criminal/juvenile justice and public policies influence lifelong academic, health and developmental trajectories - for individuals and across populations. My mixed methods, participatory action research has examined how schooling experiences and educational policy get under the skin. This research challenges existing models of a) socioeconomic status and health and b) education and health in explaining the pathways by which education is thought to affect health outcomes. Using qualitative and quantitative measures, in both New York City and Baltimore, my research has found that while an educational credential may be associated with more positive health outcomes, it is also true that experiences in school rather than solely educational level, may contribute to lifecourse health disparities and in shaping adolescent development. Findings from my empirical research support theoretical claims and suggest a new model for understanding how education influences health; one which accounts for educational policies, settings, practices, programs and pedagogies that are particularly harmful and beneficial to students and their development. Centered on the relationships between education policy, educational attainment, schooling experiences and health disparities, my research interests include: early school leaving and school dropout prevention; social and racial/ethnic inequalities in education; social determinants of health; school based, community, child and adolescent health; health education and health promotion; youth resilience, resistance, organizing and development; the construction and production of ‘risk’; human in/security and dis/advantage; social theory; critical race and whiteness studies; American and African American history of education; interdisciplinary and participatory action research; participatory forms of leadership and planning. I has also served as legal consultant for United States state and federal Supreme Court cases on issues of educational equity, high stakes testing, diploma denial and child welfare.


Dr. Ruglis welcomes inquiries from all students. Please send a CV with your inquiry.