Luc Guy Mongeau

Research Interests

Voice Production

Investigate the fundamental aerodynamic mechanisms of voice production using dynamic physical models, and numerical simulations (CFD).

Aerodynamic Noise in Vehicles

Sound generation from flow aspiration through automobile and aircraft sealing systems, and structural sound transmission through rubber seals. Measurement, modeling, and control of self-sustained flow oscillations produced by flow grazing over open cavities. Applications include automobile windows and sunroofs.

Thermoacoustic Refrigeration

Identify and investigate potential applications of thermoacoustic refrigeration and/or air-conditioning. Develop system optimization tools. Design and build working prototype. Model validation, and investigation of unexplained physical phenomena.

Turbo-Machinery Noise

Develop experimental methods for the identification of potential sound generating phenomena in turbomachines (liquid pumps, cooling fans, compressors, ...).

Control of Flow-Induced Sound and Vibrations

Understand and control aerodynamically generated sound and vibrations. Develop methods for modeling the noise emissions of flow-excited structures. Active control of flow-induced noise using flow manipulators. High frequency energy models for structural noise emissions.