Lynn McAlpine

Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP)


Photo of Lynn McAlpine


BA McGill University
DipEd McGill University
MA Concordia University
EdD University of Toronto


Research areas

doctoral and research education, development of academic careers

Current Research Interests

My research interests have gradually evolved from a focus on teaching development to more broadly understanding the nature of academic practice, and how we come to participate in different aspects of it - teaching, research, service and develop varied career trajectories. My research at the moment is directed at the experiences of early career researchers – doctoral students, post-docs and pre-tenure faculty – attending particularly to the development of identity and the tensions and pleasures associated with participation in academic work. The research team (SSHRC) brings together faculty and students who are examining particular experiences of academic work. our approach is longitudinal so we have been following individuals in the social sciences for five years and in the sciences for two years.

Current Research Grants

McAlpine, L., & Amundsen, C. (2010-2013). Developmental trajectories of doctoral candidate through new appointee: A longitudinal study of academic identity construction. Source of funding: Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada $171,270.


We welcome to the research team individuals who share an interest in examining the development of identity in early career academics as they participate in various aspects of academic work, e.g., teaching, writing.