Marta Cerruti

Department of Mining and Materials Engineering

Faculty of Dentistry


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Wong Building, Rm 2m020 [Map]
3610 rue University Montreal Quebec Canada
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0C5
514-398-5496 [Office]
514-398-6878 [Fax]



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Post-doctoral work

2007-2009: University of California at Berkeley, departments of Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. PIs: Profs. Roya Maboudian and Arun Majumdar.

2005-2007: North Carolina State University, department of Chemistry. PI: Prof. Stefan Franzen.


2004: PhD in Chemistry, University of Torino, Italy. Advisors: Profs. Claudio Morterra and Piero Ugliengo.

Dissertation: "Characterization of bioactive glasses. Effect of immersion in solutions that simulate body fluids".

2001: Laurea in Chemistry, University of Torino, Italy.