Martin Rochette

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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McConnell Engineering Building, Rm 638 [Map]
3480 rue University Montreal Quebec Canada
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0E9
514-398-3037 [Office]


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ECSE 303 Signals and Systems 1
ECSE 352 Electromagnetic Waves
ECSE 423 Fundamentals of Photonics
ECSE 492 Optical Communications Lab
ECSE 515 Optical Fibre Communications
ECSE 572 Nonlinear Optics

BASc Laval University, Engineering physics, Optics and communications
MEng Laval University, Photonics devices, Lasers, Industrial collaboration with Exfo Electro-Optics
PhD Laval University, Photonics devices for optical communications, Research performed in collaboration with INO
Postdoc Research Fellow Laval University, Optical noise in communication systems
Postdoc Research Fellow University of Sydney, Applied nonlinear optics, High data rate optical communication systems


Research Interests

Nonlinear optics is a critical technology for applications such as optical communications, instrumentation and biomedicine. It is the most promising approach for optical processing, by enabling a modification of the properties of a light stream by itself or by using other light streams. Originally demanding high-power lasers and long interaction lengths, nonlinear optics can now be achieved with low power light sources and miniaturized devices, owing to the progress in highly nonlinear fibers and waveguides, quasi-phase-matched materials, semiconductors, and photonic-crystal media.

Research students

Abudukelimu,Nuermaimaiti (PhD)

AlKadry, Alaa (Post-doctoral researcher)

Rekik, Alexandre(BEng)

Kayes, Imrul (PhD)

Lan, Yang (PhD)

Li, Lizhu (PhD)

Tavakoli, Farzan (PhD)

Vanier, Francis (PhD, cosupervised with Yves-Alain Peter, École Polytechnique)

Zhang, Kaixuan (PhD)

Berge, Cameron (MEng)

Research Topics

Chalcogenide glasses

Optical signal processing

Optical memory and signal buffering

Novel fiber laser architectures

Nonlinear optical switching

Optical performance monitoring

Highly nonlinear microwires


Wavelength converters


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