Mathieu Brochu

Research interests and projects

The research projects conducted by Dr. Brochu target the process-microstructure-property relationship applied to processing and joining of bulk nanomaterials. In particular the following areas are currently under investigation:

Mathieu Brochu

  • Fabrication of nanostructured powders using cryogenic processes
  • Optimisation of advanced consolidation processes for the manufacturing of bulk nanostructured materials
  • Engineering nanostructured feedstock for high temperature coatings and their oxide selectivity response
  • Development of hi-frequency pulse welding processes for welding and freeforming of amorphous and bulk nanostructured materials
  • Advanced joining processes applied to advanced materials and systems

In particular, the following projects are on going:

Nanostructured materials

Fabrication of Al-based bulk nanostructured materials with improved ductility (Co-supervision: Dr. Robin A.L. Drew, Concordia University)
Mrs. Ramona Vintila; Ph.D. Student

Nanostructured functionalisation of forged Al alloys components
Mr. Jason Milligan; Master Student

Cryomilling and cold spray coating and freeforming of Inconel 718
Mr. David Levasseur; Ph.D. Student

Nanostructured coatings

Oxide scale selectivity in Al-containing Stainless Steel Materials
Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Mathami; Ph.D. Student

Influence of feedstock characteristics on the oxide selectivity of CoNiCrAlY and NiCoCrAlY alloys
Mr. Dominic Mercier; Master Student

Evaluation of performance of nanostructured CoNiCrAlY and NiCoCrAlY coatings in SO2-containing environment
Mr. Cory Kaplin; Master Student

High temperature performance of nanostructured NiCoCrAlY coatings deposited by cold-spray process (Co-supervision: Dr. Bertrand Jodoin, University of Ottawa)
Mr. Alexandre Charest; Master Student

Welding and joining of advanced materials

Freeforming of nano-cermets using a hi-frequency welding process
Mr. Patrick Vespa; Master Student

Electrospark deposition of amorphous, nanostructured materials and composites to enhance wear resistance (Co-supervision: Dr. Richard Chromik, McGill University)
Mr. Ahmad Sorour; Ph.D. Student

Development of micro- and nano- glass composites seals for sealing SOFCs (Co-supervision: Dr. Robin A.L. Drew, Concordia University)
Mrs. Yaneth Aguilar; Ph.D. Student

Advanced welding processes for welding pipeline steels (Co-supervision: Dr. John Bowker, CANMET)
Mr. Graeme Goodall; Ph.D. student

Freeforming of Al-Li alloys for aerospace applications
Mr. David Heard; Ph.D. Student