Mihriban Ozden Pekguleryuz

Research interests and projects
  • Development of high-temperature aluminum alloys for automotive Diesel Engine applications.
  • Novel magnesium extrusion alloys for automotive applications, especially for use in front-end applications.
  • Bio-degradable metallic implants (cardiovascular stents and bone implants).
  • Microstructural engineering of light metals for improved formability, ductility, fatigue and creep resistance, in particular, the design of nano-scale precipitates for enhancing recrystallization in magnesium alloys or impeding dislocation creep in magnesium and aluminum alloys.Effects of trace elements on the microstructure (e.g. precipitate type or morphology)and properties of light alloys.
  • Mechanisms of creep and creep behavior in magnesium casting alloys.
  • Flame-resistant magnesium alloys for aerospace applications, and the investigation of the high-temperature oxidation behavior of Mg alloys.
  • Experimental determination of light alloy phase equilibria. Currently: Mg-Mn-Ce, Mg-In-Ce, Mg-Zn-Ce, Mg-Al-Ca systems.
  • Advanced lightweight materials (magnesium-diboride superconductors, bulk amorphous alloys, novel intermetallics for hydrogen storage)
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