Nathan Grant Smith

Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP)


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Education Building, Rm 512 [Map]
3700 rue McTavish Montreal Quebec Canada
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1Y2
514-398-3454 [Office]


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EDPC 679D2 Internship: General 1
EDPE 676 Intermediate Statistics
EDPE 682 Univariate/Multivariate Anal

BA Southern Methodist University
MA Virginia Commonwealth University
PhD Virginia Commonwealth University
Postdoctoral Fellowship Yale University

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

Dr. Smith's main area of research focuses on stress and coping, with emphases on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans persons and persons living with or at risk of contracting HIV. Specific areas of interest include social support and unsupportive social interactions, discrimination and resiliency, lesbian/gay/bisexual identity, and primary and secondary prevention of HIV.

Secondary lines of research focus on gender issues and professional and training issues in counselling psychology. Dr. Smith's current research in these areas includes feminist supervision practices and research productivity in counselling psychology.

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Honours and Awards

2010 Fellow, Division 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues), American Psychological Association

2008 Award for Significant Contribution to Social Justice and Advocacy, Section for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Awareness, Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology), American Psychological Association


2011-2014 Operating Grant, Institute of Gender and Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, "Bisexual Identity: Implications for Mental, Behavioural, and Physical Health." (Principal investigator; co-investigator: L. Ross)

2011-2012 McGill University Social Sciences and Humanities Development Grant, "Coping in Psychology: Development of the First Observer-Rated Scale for the Assessment of Coping." (Co-investigator with A. Koerner [PI], M. Drapeau, and M. Fitzpatrick)

2010-2012 Operating Grant, Institute of Infection and Immunity, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, "Project PRIDE (Promoting Resilience In Discriminatory Environments): A Primary HIV Prevention Intervention for Gay/Bisexual Men." (Principal investigator; co-investigators: T. Hart, M. Blais, and B. Adam)

2010-2011 Financial Support for Writing Grant Proposals, Institute of Gender and Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research awarded to the research team SVR, "Internalized Biphobia: Implications for Mental, Behavioural, and Physical Health." (Principal investigator; co-investigators: J. Mohr and L. Ross)

2009-2010 Mary H. Brown Endowment Fund, McGill University, "Easing the Transition for Queer Student Teachers from Program to Field" (Co-investigator with F. J. Benson [PI] and T. Flanagan)

2008-2009 College of Arts and Sciences Research Development Fund, Texas Woman’s University, "Risk and Protective Factors among Adolescents with HIV+ Parents" (Principal investigator; co-investigator: S. D. Stabb)

Recent Journal Articles

Benson, F. J., Smith, N. G., & Flanagan, T. (in press). Easing the transition for queer student teachers from program to field: Implications for teacher education. Journal of Homosexuality.

MacKinnon, C. J., Smith, N. G., Henry, M., Milman, E., Berish, M., Körner, A., Copeland, L. S., Chochinov, H. M., & Cohen, S. R. (in press). Bridging theory with emerging trends in intervention research: Meaning-based group counseling for bereavement. Death Studies.

Moody, C., & Smith, N. G. (in press). Suicide protective factors among adult trans individuals. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Juster, R. P., Smith, N. G., Ouellet, E., Sindi, S., & Lupien, S. J. (2013). Sexual orientation and disclosure in relation to psychiatric symptoms, diurnal cortisol, and allostatic load. Psychosomatic Medicine. Advance online publication.

MacKinnon, C. J., Milman, E., Smith, N. G., Henry, M., Berish, M., Copeland, L. S., Körner, A., Chochinov, H. M., & Cohen, S. R. (2013). Means to meaning in cancer-related bereavement: Identifying clinical implications for counseling psychologists. The Counseling Psychologist, 41, 216-239.

Sornberger, M. J., Smith, N. G., Toste, J. R., & Heath, N. L. (2013). Nonsuicidal self-injury, coping strategies, and sexual orientation. Journal of Clinical Psychology. Advance online publication.

Long, S., Mollen, D., & Smith, N. G. (2012). College women’s attitudes toward sex workers. Sex Roles, 66, 117-127.

Mollen, D., Smith, N. G., Levy, J. J., & Magyar-Moe, J. L. (2012). Privilege and belonging: The quest to make the Society of Counseling Psychology more welcoming. The Counseling Psychologist, 40, 856-867.

Smith, N. G., Keller, B., Mollen, D., Bledsoe, M., Buhin, L., Edwards, L. M., Levy, J. J., Magyar-Moe, J. L., & Yakushko, O. (2012). Voices of early career psychologists in Division 17, the Society of Counseling Psychology. The Counseling Psychologist, 40, 794-825.

MacKinnon, C. J., Bhatia, M., Sunderani, S., Affleck, W., & Smith, N. G. (2011). Opening the dialogue: Implications of feminist supervision theory with male supervisees. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 42, 130-136.

Russell, G. M., Bohan, J. S., McCarroll, M. C., & Smith, N. G. (2011). Trauma, recovery, and community: Perspectives on the long-term impact of anti-LGBT politics. Traumatology, 17, 14-23.

Smith, N. G. (2010). Productivity in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender scholarship in counseling psychology: Institutional and individual ratings for 1990 through 2008. The Counseling Psychologist, 38, 50-68.

Vinson, C., Mollen, D., & Smith, N. G. (2010). Perceptions of childfree women: The role of perceivers’ and targets’ ethnicity. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 20, 426-432.

Vosvick, M., Martin, L., Smith, N. G., & Jenkins, S. R. (2010). Gender differences in HIV-related coping and depression. AIDS and Behavior, 14, 390-400.

Smith, N. G., Tarakeshwar, N., Hansen, N. B., Kochman, A., & Sikkema, K. J. (2009). Coping mediates outcome following a randomized group intervention for HIV-positive bereaved individuals. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 65, 319-335.

Books and Monographs

MacKinnon, C. J., Smith, N. G., Henry, M., Berish, M., Milman, E., & Copeland, L. (2012). Addressing therapeutic ruptures in bereavement support groups. In R. A. Neimeyer (Ed.), Techniques of grief therapy: Creative practices for counseling the bereaved (pp. 318-322). New York, NY: Routledge.

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Smith, N. G., Blakeslee, J., & Rosenthal, H. (2008).The psychology of sexual orientation: A modular lesson plan/teaching resource for high school psychology teachers. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.