Rene A Turcotte

Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE)

Faculty of Education


Photo of Rene A Turcotte


PhD University of Alberta
MSc University of Alberta


Areas of expertise

Exercise Physiology; Biomechanics

Current research

Applied Ice Hockey Research

Personal statement

Dr Turcotte's research interests span both applied exercise physiology and biomechanics. Currently, Dr Turcotte is conducting ice hockey research in collaboration with Dr Pearsall  and Dr Montgomery in the Seagram Sport Science Center. Recent research has examined the interrelation of physiological and biomechanical parameters during skating and/or the execution of novel multi-joint movement tasks. With the use of EMG, force and kinematic measures it is possible to examine the interaction of the mechanical and physiological parameters governing the strategic execution of a variety of skills and determine how best to optimize skill execution.

Research at McGill in the past five years has been very exciting because of an infusion of  funds from the private sector and from NSERC industrial grants. The McGill Sport Science  Center has developed an infrastructure that enables student to work in environment conducive to a positive research experience at the Master's level. I have personally witnessed a very positive transformation in the last few years in our department primarily due to these changes and to the renewal and improvement of our academic programs at the undergraduate level. Our kinesiology program has a strong scientific foundation and prepares students for graduate work in a variety of postgraduate health science fields. It is an exciting time to be at McGill.