Richard Chromik

Research Interests and Projects

This page lists current projects, lab alumni, and research interests for Prof. Richard Chromik.

Current Projects

Electrospark deposition of amorphous, nanostructured materials and composites to enhance wear resistance (co-supervision: Prof. Mathieu Brochu, McGill University)

Mr. Ahmad Sorour, Ph.D. Candidate

In situ tribology of hard, protective coatings

Mr. Holger Strauss, Ph.D. Candidate

Mechanical and tribological properties of metal matrix composite coatings fabricated by cold spray

Mr. J. Michael Shockley, Ph.D. Candidate

Ms. YinYin Zhang, Ph.D. Candidate

Structure-Property Relationships and Model Development for Non-Oriented Electrical Steels

Ms. YaoYao Ding, Ph.D. Candidate

Mr. Matthew Gallaugher, Ph.D. Candidate

Surface Engineering of Cd Replacement Coatings

Dr. Sriraman Rajagopalan, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Mr. Priyadarshi Behera, Ph.D. Candidate

Ms. Lisa Lee, Ph.D. Candidate

High Strain Rate Testing of Aerospace Materials for Shot Peening Applications

Mr. Philip Mann, M.Eng. Candidate

Development of Optimal Electric Drive Trains for Onā€Road Vehicles

Dr. Dina Goldbaum, Post-Doctoral Researcher

Ms. Aroba Saleem, Ph.D. Candidate

Lab Alumni

Dr. Pampa Ghosh (Research Associate, 2011-2013), Research Engineer at Tata Steel, India

Ms. Dina Goldbaum (Ph.D. 2012), Post-Doctoral Researcher at McGill University, Canada

Mr. Pantcho Stoyanov (Ph.D. 2011), Post-Doctoral Scientist at Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

Ms. Tasneem Shariff (M.Eng. 2011), Engineer at Johnson-Matthey, U.K.

Mr. Daniel Peykov (B.Eng. 2012), Ph.D. Candidate at M.I.T., USA

Ms. Jihane Ajaja (B.Eng. 2011), Ph.D. Candidate at Ecole Polytechnique, Canada

Research Interests

  • Aerospace coatings
  • Tribology
  • Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Mechanical behavior of materials at reduced length scales (thin films, nano-grained materials, nanoscale devices
  • Other Research Interests (no current projects in these areas)
  • Materials for interconnects in microelectronics
  • Phase evolution and mechanical properties of Pb-free solder alloys