Robert E Kearney

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Department of Physiology

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


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Associate Member Electrical and Computer Engineering

Duff Medical Building, Rm 309 [Map]
3775 rue University Montreal Quebec Canada
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2B4
514-398-7461 [Fax]


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PhD McGill University


Research interests

Quantitative studies of the human motor system using system identification methods. Mechanics of the ankle, stretch reflex function and muscle activation dynamics of the ankle muscles. Joint mechanics and reflex function during coordinated movement of the knee and ankle. Evaluation of mechanical and reflex abnormalities associated with motor system pathology (Parkinson's disease, trauma).

Development of tools and techniques for biomedical research. System identification methods for nonlinear systems, time-varying systems, two-dimensional systems, and systems operating in closed-loop. Interactive languages for signal analysis, system identification, simulation of continuous systems, parameter estimation, image processing and graphics.

Research sub-areas

Medical data processing

Micro-processor-based instrumentation


Biological signal and system analysis, modelling, and simulation