Robert Samuel Savage

Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (ECP)


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BA Oxford University
MSc Cambridge University
MSc University of London
PhD University of London


Research Interests

My research interests focus primarily on the effects of reading intervention, effective teaching, and basic cognitive processes in literacy. I have a current 5 year SSHRCC-funded project that explores preventative early intervention for reading and spelling using response-to-intervention (RtI) models. I am also exploring morphological and vocabulary development in French. A second major stream is to explore similarities in teaching English and French. Other current projects include: The assessment of effective classroom teaching in Grade 1; the ‘Simple View of Reading’; the nature and impact of inclusive education; the most effective support for children at-risk when transitioning to high school; the impact of French immersion on literacy and language development.

Scholarly/supervision interests

Early intervention and prevention and consequent effective identification of, literacy difficulties; Effective Inclusive Teaching; Dual Language Teaching; The development of cognitive processes in normal reading and spelling in the school years; the cognitive psychology of poor reading and developmental dyslexia.

Information about Robert Savage's Research Team is coming soon.