Sandra C. Miller

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology


Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building, Rm 228 [Map]
3640 rue University Montreal Quebec Canada
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0C7
514-398-5047 [Fax]



Research interests

Dr Miller's research interests concentrate on cellular differentiation and function in the cells of the immune system of the body. The program has been concerned with studying the properties of natural killer (NK) cells which are instrumental in tumor (leukemia) immunosurveillance, and spontaneous rejection of foreign bone marrow cell grafts in vivo. The program has been directed at defining the life histories, renewal kinetics, phenotypes, and functional interrelationships of the cell populations involved in these events. Current and future work is directed along two avenues. One area of study concerns the mechanisms whereby natural killer cells gain access to lymphoid organ parenchyma by using homing receptors and adhesion molecules. A second area of study is concerned with leukemia abatement by means of bone marrow transplantation with phytochemical-mediated NK cell enhancement. Techniques used include in vitro culture and in vivo passage of a variety of tumor cell lines, radioisotopic labeling of cells, quantitative assays of cytolysis of propidium iodide-labeled tumor cells, assays of acceptance and rejection of bone marrow transplants, cell fractionation and separation, immunolabeling of single cells, and immunofluorescence microscopy.

Lab personnel

Danielle Dolorme, Research Technician

Anne Nguyen, Research Technician

Florence Ferron, MSc student 2004 -


Human Medical Anatomy