Stuart J Price

Photo of Stuart J Price

Macdonald Engineering Building, Rm 365 [Map]
817 rue Sherbrooke Ouest Montreal Quebec Canada
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0C3
514-398-5801 [Office]


BSc University of Bristol
PhD University of Bristol
PEng University of Bristol


Research interests

My research is focused on the dynamics and stability of structures exposed to a fluid flow. The topics studies are inspired by, and often directly related to, real engineering problems; for example, heat exchangers, offshore structures, overhead transmission lines, and aircraft structures. However, the research is of a fundamental nature, attempting to provide physical understanding and to develop analytical and computational tools for studying generic classes of problems involving unsteady fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, flow-induced vibrations and instabilities, and nonlinear dynamics. Many of the topics are studied both theoretically and experimentally, in an integrated overall plan. Available experimental facilities include a wind tunnel, two water tunnels, hot-wire and hot-film anemometry, digital particle image velocimetry flow-visualization equipment, and modern FFT facilities; in addition, a wide range of computational facilities for data acquisition and analysis, as well as large-scale computations, are available.

Laboratory facilities

Fluid-Structure Interaction Lab I Room 259

Fluid-Structure Interation Lab II