Vincent Thomson

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Photo of Vincent Thomson

Werner Graupe Professor of Manufacturing Automation

Macdonald Engineering Building, Rm 360 [Map]
817 rue Sherbrooke Ouest Montreal Quebec Canada
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0C3

514.398.2597 [Office]
514.398.7365 [Fax]



MECH 497 Value Engineering
MECH 524 Compu Integrated Manufacturing
MECH 627 Manufacturing Industrial Stage
MECH 628 Manufacturing Case Studies
MECH 628D1 Manufacturing Case Studies
MECH 628D2 Manufacturing Case Studies
MECH 629 Manufacturing Industrial Sem
MECH 629D1 Manufacturing Industrial Sem
MECH 629D2 Manufacturing Industrial Sem

PhD McMaster University, Physics
BSc University of Windsor, Physics


Research interests

Process Management - The improvement of productivity and cycle time for manufacturing activities. Knowledge work activities are emphasized, e.g., design, production planning, concurrent engineering. Development of theories, metrics and new methods for engineering.

Reatime Control - Cycle-to-cycle and in-cycle adaptive processes. Architectures for plant wide control.

Laboratory facilities

Manufacturing Engineering Process Management